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A Wide Range of Industrial Automation & Power Connectors
M12 and M8 Connectors

We offer a wide range of connectors from our own range of M12 receptacles as well as Binder, Shield and Westec.  Several of the connectors are defined by industry standards and are recognised for their use in various applications.

M12 connectors are widely used as sensor or switch connectors including inductive, capacitive and photo-electric sensors  The smaller M8 connector is also used for similar applications, but can also be found on bike lights and magnetic reed switches.  Another industry standard are solenoid connectors which are also known as DIN connectors from the standard DIN43650.  Used extensively for solenoid valves in hydraulics and pneumatics, plus pressure transducers and switches, we offer field attachable and moulded connectors in our range.

From Westec we have our excellent range industrial connectors.  They provide a very flexible, simple to assemble and use solution for power and signal connection from the machines to control panels.

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BINDER M8 Connectors

M8 Connectors

M8 connectors are typically used for proximity sensors and reed switches, but thanks to their robust design and compact size they are also an excellent choice for instrumentation applications.

Proximity Switch Connectors
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BINDER M12 A-Code Connectors

M12 Connector Variety Image

M12 connectors have been design specifically with flexibility in mind for the sensing industry.  These sensor cables and connectors are designed for use with all brands of proximity switches, light curtains and pressure sensors to name just a few devices.

Proximity Sensor Cables
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Solenoid Connectors

DIN43650 Connectors

Our solenoid connectors comply to the latest EN175301-803 (formerly DIN43650) standard and offer you the choice of a moulded of field attachable solution in all styles of the connector.

DIN43650-A Connectors
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M12 B, C, D & X-Code connectors

M12 Connector Variety Image

M12 connectors are incredibly versatile and are used in a wide variety of industries with various applications. To avoid mixing connectors up, and wiring a power supply into a data port for example, M12 connectors have various keyways to prevent two different codings from mating. In addition to our standard stock range of A-Coded connectors, we also offer a range of alternatively coded connectors for other projects.

Alternate Connector Codes
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