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M12 Receptacles with Panel, Rear and Flange Mounting

A-Code Receptacles - Idea for Power & Instrumentation
M12 Receptacles

Our range of M12 receptacles are available in 4, 5 & 8 pole male and female designs with panel mount, rear mount and flange mount solutions from BINDER's 713/763 Series and Motion29.

When you need to build a control system that is compatible with standard M12 connectors, you need a wide range of receptacles that will enable you to select the best product for the job.

Alongside our own design of panel mount receptacles with PG9 mounting threads and flange mounting, we also stock the BINDER range with rear mount and front mount to cover all requirements that you will need.  The panel and rear mount version are available is male and female format with nickel plated brass or zinc shells.  All receptacles are supplied with integrated PVC insulated wires to make installation a simple solution.

M12 Panel Mount

M12 Receptacles with Rear Mounting Thread

We offer the choice of nickel plated brass (PG9) or nickel plated diecast zinc (M16) receptacles in 4, 5 & 8 pole M12 male and female formats with rear mounting thread.

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M12 Front Mount

M12 Receptacles with Front Mounting Thread

Receptacles with front mounting thread from BINDER, allows them to be wired into an assembly before fixing to the enclosure.  This make assembly easier allowing to job to be completed quickly and effectively.

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M12 Flange Mount

M12 Flange Mounted Male Receptacles

Motion29's own flange mount receptacles are secured using 4 x 3.2mm mounting holes, the receptacle can be mounted from the front or rear to suit the application.

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