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M8 Connectors for Sensors & Instrumentation Applications

Field Attachable and Moulded Connectors, Panel Mount Receptacles
M8 Connectors

M8 connectors are typically used for proximity sensors and reed switches, but thanks to their robust design and compact size they are also an excellent choice for instrumentation applications.

Originally designed for proximity sensors, the M8 connector range is an IP67 rated product with 3 or 4 pole versions within the range.  You have the choice of field attachable connectors, moulded connectors with PVC or PUR cable, front or panel mount receptacles and a selection of Jumper cables with various male and female connector options.

All the connectors that we supply are available with straight or angled versions, male (plug) and female (socket) contacts with an easy to fit M8 lock nut for connection security and sealing.

The M8 connectors were originally designed for miniature proximity switches are a little unusual as the contact numbering on the 3 pole version is 1, 3 and 4 – not what you would expect – but this matches the switch convention of the normally open contact being present on pin 4 as also seen on M12 connectors.

The main products within this section are part of our work with Binder to focus of industrial automation requirements and subject to prior sale are typically available from stock for next day delivery.

M8 Moulded Connectors

Motion29 M8 Moulded Connectors

The M8 moulded connector from BINDER provide a simple way to install sensors and devices equipped with suitable M8 receptacles.

Binder 718 Series Connectors
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M8 Field Attachable Connectors

M8 Field Attachable Connectors from Motion29

A high quality BINDER M8 3 pole and 4 pole field attachable connector from Binder's 768 Series with straight and angled version, all with screw contacts in a compact and flexible design.

Binder 768 Series Connectors
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M8 Receptacles

M8 Receptacles from Motion29

Our BINDER's 718/768 Series of M8 receptacles are available in panel mount and front mount formats, providing a flexible solution for system building.

Binder 718/768 Series Receptacles
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M8 Jumper Cables

M8 Male to Female Jumper Cables from Motion29

BINDER M8 3 and 4 pole jumper cables are an ideal solution for connecting a sensor to a control panel or splitter box.

Binder 765 Series Jumpers
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