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Solenoid Connector Plugs | Solenoid Connector with LED
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Solenoid Connectors to EN175301-803 (DIN43650-A)

Moudled and Field Attachable Solenoid Connectors
DIN43650 Connectors

Our solenoid connectors comply to the latest EN175301-803 (formerly DIN43650) standard and offer you the choice of a moulded of field attachable solution in all styles of the connector.

Within our range we can offer the standard form of solenoid connector or you can add LED indication and suppression to block damaging back emf.  The moulded connector all have integrated gaskets as standard with PVC or PVC cables in different lengths.  Our field attachable connectors clamp onto a wide range of cable diameters achieving IP67 rating when assembled.

If you are not sure which connector is correct for you, call us on 01495 360022 for friendly technical advice.

Field Attachable

DIN43650 Form A Field Attachable

Our field attachable solenoid connectors are available in Form A & Form B, covering both industrial and DIN standards.

Self-Wire DIN Connectors
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Moulded Connectors

Form A Moulded Connectors

Our moulded solenoid connectors are manufactured to EN175301-803 (formerly DIN43650-A) and are available in Form A, Form B and Form C styles, covering both industrial and DIN standards.

Moulded DIN Connectors
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