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Simple Vehicle Detection, Photo-Electric Sensing

Solutions for Detecting & Monitoring

We offer vehicle and pedestrian detection solutions for use with access control to car parks, buildings and doors.

For the detection of vehicles our loop detectors and microwave motion detectors from Bircher provide simple and effective systems, that are flexible enough for gate and barrier control or access control via our LED traffic lights.  We also offer GET photo-electric sensors as a long range solution for access points where vehicles or pedestrians pass through automatic barriers, gates or doors.

Vehicle Loop Detectors

Using the properties of inductance in electrical cables, the ProLoop loop detectors are a very reliable method of detecting vehicles in access control situations.

Inductive Loop Detectors
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Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor

Drive Through Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

The USVD-4X Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle.

Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector
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Durakool Relays & Bases

Durakool is a renowned manufacturer of switching and sensing components. They were established in 1935 to manufacture switching devices for power generation used in industrial and power automation, power electronics, industrial electronics, automotive and telecommunications applications.

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Microwave Motion Detectors

The Bircher Herkules 2 microwave motion detector is suitable for industrial doors with rapid reaction times, it is ideal for high-speed doors, traffic light control and automated access to car parks.  The unit is suitable for mounting heights from 2 m to 7 m and operating temperatures from –30°C to +60°C.

Vehicle & Pedestrian Detector
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Get Photo-Electric Sensors

RP25 Reflective photo-electric switch with polarizing filter, changeover relay output & 0.5 to 15m range.

Photoelectric Sensing
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Power Supply Units

Power Supply Range from Motion29

We stock a range of 24 Vdc power supplies suitable for use with our product range.  This includes plug-top and desk-top styles with M12 connectivity for LED machine and work lights.  When selecting a power supply, please ensure the output power (in Watts) is sufficient for your requirements.

Power Supplies
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