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Durakool Relays & Bases

Slimline & Industrial Relays - AC/DC, 12 to 240 Volt Options

Durakool is a renowned manufacturer of switching and sensing components. They were established in 1935 to manufacture switching devices for power generation used in industrial and power automation, power electronics, industrial electronics, automotive and telecommunications applications.

American Electronic Components and Durakool provide their partners technical consultation based upon extensive application knowledge and experience. After many years of development and innovation, they understand that quality is paramount and pursue a policy of continuous improvement.

Slimline Relays & Bases

A compact range of interface relays that are suitable for industrial automation applications.  The offer a reliable signal switching solution and provide effective electrical isolation for sensitive electronics such as PLCs.

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Industrial Relays & Bases

Industrial plug-in relays with terminal blades manufactured to the industry standard footprint for improved mounting in DIN rail sockets.

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