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Radio Remote Controls

Simple Remote Control to Wireless SIL3 Safety Systems
Motion29 Distributes Radio Remote Control Solution

Jay Electronique are a market leading manufacturer of radio systems that provide a range of wireless control, safety systems and operating systems.

Working with Jay, we can offer a very extensive range of wireless solutions.  Your requirement maybe the simple operation of an automatic door or a winch on a recovery vehicle to the more complex operation of power boat thrusters or over head cranes, through Jay we can offer a solution.  Their range includes the ORION simple remote system to the higher specification SIL2 nd SIL3 systems, such as the UD/UR and the extremely flexible Safir system.

ORION Series

Orion Radio Remote Control from Motion29

The Orion Series of radio remote controls are ideal for simple systems where the integrity of a SIL2 or SIL3 system is not required, such as operating gates, doors, winches and other industrial systems.

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UR Series

UR Series Data Sheet

The 4 button UR Series is a compact industrial remote controls, JAY Electronique provides a solution for a broad range of enhanced-safety industrial applications with button controls. Through its adaptability the UR system integrates a number of features in terms of number and types of function buttons, output relays and the programmable association between the buttons and relays.

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UD Series

The UD Series is a 6, 8 or 10 button industrial remote control. It has a modular design that integrates a number of key features around the type and number of function buttons, output relays and the programmable association between the buttons and relays.

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UC Series

UC Seres Industrial Remote Control

Offering a 6 or 8 button solution, the UC Series is an industrial remote control that’s ideal for travelling, gantry and tower cranes. It is available with three button configurations that provide two-step buttons for double speed operation with the choice of an electronic switch on the b button version.

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