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UR Series
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UR Series

4 Button Compact Industrial Remote Control
UR Series Data Sheet

The 4 button UR Series is a compact industrial remote controls, JAY Electronique provides a solution for a broad range of enhanced-safety industrial applications with button controls. Through its adaptability the UR system integrates a number of features in terms of number and types of function buttons, output relays and the programmable association between the buttons and relays.

To further enhance safety when using the UR Series there are technical features and options that limit access by means of an electronic key for authorised operators only and infrared start-up validation (optional) to limit start-up in a given area, ensuring the correct identification of equipment started up.

  • Radio remote with 4 function buttons plus start/stop
  • 5 different buttons types available
  • Electronic key
  • Light-weight, compact transmitter
  • IP65 tightness, protective foams
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Transmitter support charger
  • Safety stop PL d EN13849
  • 6+3 relays Receiver
  • 64 frequencies in 433mhz
  • Infrared start-up option
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