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LED Traffic, Signal Lights & Sounders

A Wide Range of LED Based Warning Light Solutions
Motion29 Supply a Wide Range of LED Signal Light a

Our range of LED signal products indication of status of production lines, signal instructions and provide audible alarms for additional emphasis.


Signal Light Towers

LED Signal Light Towers from Patlite

LED Signal Light Towers from 25mm to 100mm diameter using LED technology with optional alarms and wide choice of mounting options.

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USB Beacons & Signal Lights

LED signal light towers and signal beacons have been one of our premier products from the Patlite brand for many years.  Their sucessful redevlopement of the 40 to 70 mm diameter lights with the LR series has enable Patlite to add other developments such as the popular LR6-USB series.  This has now been expanded with the addition of their new NE-USB series of compact signal beacons.

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Signal Lights & Beacons

Using the latest LED technology we offer the choice of simple indicating lights to sophisticated beacons with MP3 programmable sounders.

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MP3 Sounders & Alarms

Patlite offer a wide choice of sounder options from simple tone alarm units to more sophisticated MP3 voice units where you can record your own sound or message.

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Wireless ANDON Systems

Machine or operation status is transmitted wirelessly to a central monitoring point, this can be part of your ANDON system or machine untilisation planning.

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