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USB ANDON Light Tower | Signal Light Tower USB Controlled
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60mm USB Controlled Signal Light Tower

USB 2.0 Interface, USB 5Vdc Bus Powered, DLL Operation
USB Signal Light Towers
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Controlled and powered from USB 2.0 (500mA at 5VDC), the LR6 USB base modules are fully compatible with the standard LR6 LED modules.  The light has 4 sound and light patterns with an operating volume of 80dB at 1 meter.

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Directly Triggered and Powered via USB interface and compatible with Windows(R) and Linux, the USB signal light is supplied with three levels of signal lights - red, amber & green.  Two addition blue and white/clear lights can be added if required to create a five stack USB signal light.  The lights can be switched on/off and flashed in one of four different patterns and the integrated buzzer can emit one of four patterns with two pitches for maximum flexibility.

  • Controlled by PLC/PC/IPC based systems.
  • Custom programming made easy with free software library (.DLL).
  • Open architecture makes it possible to control the device with other operating systems such as Linux.
  • Supports HID class. No exclusive drivers necessary.
  • Supports solid colour, clear-globe, and 7-in-1 multi-colour LED units.
  • IP65 protection rating - High water and dust protection.

Additional accessories and module can be found HERE.

You can download Patlite's demo application, DLL files and sample code from Patlite's website using this links below:


Demo App

DLL (x64)

DLL (x86)

Sample Code

Direct Mounting

For direct mounting the LR6-USB, simply drill out the mounting holes and cable exit hole on the surface you are mounting the unit to. If you would prefer to mount the unit on a vertical surface such as a wall or side of a machine, a wall-mount bracket is available separately.

Pole Mounting

The LR6-USB differs slightly from the standard LR series when it comes to pole mounting. To use the LR6-USB range as a pole mounted light an "upper" bracket is required which fixes to the bottom of the base unit to allow it to be mounted. Then simply mount the light on the pole and choose a lower bracket to fix the unit to a surface.

All of the additional mounting accessories are available on this page, for more information or any other enquiries, call our sales team on 01495 360022

The LR series is PATLITE's upgraded range of stack lights, featuring a number of upgrades to the function of the light, and also an easier assemble. Where some stack lights require additional screws or specialised tools, the LR series features a simple "Twist and Lock" system for easy assembly with no extra tools required.

For a demonstration of this, please see the video below from PATLITE.

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LR6 Series LED Signal Tower Lights

The LR6 is the 60 mm diameter replacement for the LME/LMS series, offering exceptional light output that makes this the ideal choice of viewing over longer distances, especially in manual ANDON applications as well as larger machine installations.  As with the ethos of the LR Series, these are modular signal towers that can be supplied as a modular or pre-assembled solution.

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