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Signal Light Towers for Machine & ANDON Systems

A Wide Choice of LED Sizes and Styles to Suit Production & Control
LED Signal Light Towers from Patlite

LED Signal Light Towers from 25mm to 100mm diameter using LED technology with optional alarms and wide choice of mounting options.

Patlite's LED signal towers provide a simple to use, high quality solution to status indication for a wide range of applications in industrial and commercial environments.  With many units offering IP65 environmental rating, high output alarms up to 105dB and flashing LED functions they are simple to use and install.

The innovative prism design of the lens allows the LEDs to be seen from a long distance and is optimised for viewing from below, ideal as most installation have the lights fitted on top of a machine or cabinet.

LR Series Modular LED Signal Lights

Modular Signal Tower from Motion29

The LR Series from Patlite are a completely redesigned LED signal light solution that have a re-designed lens and improved light module construction to provide a brilliant, even light for visibility at longer distances.

40 mm to 70 mm Dia Signal Tower
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Fixed Signal Towers

Our wide range of factory configured LED signal towers range from super slim 25mm diameter ME/MES to the highly visible 100mm diameter LGE.

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60mm - USB Stack Light

LR6 USB 2.0 Controlled Light

Controlled and powered from USB 2.0 (500mA at 5VDC), the LR6 USB base modules are fully compatible with the standard LR6 LED modules.  The light has 4 sound and light patterns with an operating volume of 80dB at 1 meter.

USB 2.0 Signal Tower
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Wall-Mount Stack Lights

Our space saving and compact wall mounted light towers are an ideal solution for both industrial and commercial applications, providing a stylish solution to signalling requirements.

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PC Controlled Stack Lights

Computer Controlled Stack Lights

Signal Towers controlled directly from PC using RS-232C or USB 2.0, with integrated alarm sounders and multi-pattern flashing of the LED layers.

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Explosion Proof LR Stack Lights

The LR series from PATLITE are completely redesigned stack lights featuring improved light and sound outputs. This new generation of stack lights is now available in explosion proof versions suitable for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas.

40mm and 60mm ATEX lights
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Network Monitoring

The NHL has a three-tiered signal tower with a buzzer and E-mail sending capability to report to a network manager immediately when a network event occurs via network connection.

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Patlite Spares

Patlite Spare Parts

Spare LED modules and centre fixing screws for replacement or expansion of you Patlite LED Signal Tower.

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