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ANDON Signal Tower | 60 mm Signal Light | Flexible Machine Status Light
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LR6 Series LED Signal Tower Lights

Highly Visible 60 mm Diameter Signal Tower
LR6 60mm Diameter Signal Tower
Product Info

The LR6 is the 60 mm diameter replacement for the LME/LMS series, offering exceptional light output that makes this the ideal choice of viewing over longer distances, especially in manual ANDON applications as well as larger machine installations.  As with the ethos of the LR Series, these are modular signal towers that can be supplied as a modular or pre-assembled solution.

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We offer the LR Series as a modular solution, where you can choose the base unit, LED unit and sounder for your application, and complement this with mountings to suit.  We also offer some "standard" versions of the LR6 range that are pre-assembled to specific combinations.  These can be adapted by adding other LED colours or sounders.

Specifications LR6 Series:

Operating Temperature:  -20º C to + 50º C
Operating Humidity Range:  90% RH or less, no condensation
Rated Voltage:  24 Vdc or 100 - 240 Vac
Wiring:  Cable
Mounting Location & Direction:  Indoor Use, Upright Position
Protection Rating*¹:  IP65 (IEC 60529) Upright Position
Flash Rate:  60 +/- 2 Flashes/min
Sound Level:  Typical 88dB
Sound Reduction*²:  Approximately 10dB
Buzzer Sound:  4 patterns*²
 Rapid Intermittent sound
 Continuous sound
 Rapid Hi-low
 Sweep sound
Transistor Output:  24 Vdc: NPN / PNP
 100 – 240 Vac: NPN only 

*¹ LJ Type is IP54 *² Dependent on DIP Switch Settings *³ M2 Type Only

If you require any assistance or advice with selecting the best option for your application, please give us a call on 01495 360022.

The LR series is PATLITE's upgraded range of stack lights, featuring a number of upgrades to the function of the light, and also an easier assemble. Where some stack lights require additional screws or specialised tools, the LR series features a simple "Twist and Lock" system for easy assembly with no extra tools required.

For a demonstration of this, please see the video below from PATLITE.

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