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Social Distancing Red & Green Traffic Light Solutions

Pedestrian Traffic Control Lights - Shops, Offices, Factories, Gyms, Etc
Traffic Light Solutions for Stairs
Traffic Lights for Small Premises
Our range of traffic lights for social distancing applications.

As business and public services prepare to come out of lockdown, we are all aware that in 2020 we will have to approach many every day activies with a difference.  Social distancing is with us and certainly for the immediate future it is here to stay, so we need to look at solutions that will make life a little easier and practical for all of us.  Manufactured from our regular range of red - green, stop - go traffic light solutions, we have put together a number of ready to use solutions for controlling access to shops, through corridors and stairs.


Manual Pedestrian Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights for Small Premises

For businesses who need to control customer or colleague access into a shop or confined area, we have simple all-in-one traffic light solutions.  We offer a range of traffic light styles to help you select a product that is more appropriate to your business needs.  The traffic lights are operated either by remote control, a non-contact sensor or a manually controlled switch that will allow you to signal to your customers when they can enter your shop or business.


Manually Switched Pedestrian Lights
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Stair/Corridor Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Solutions for Stairs

If you are looking for a simple but effective method of moving customers or colleagues around a restricted area, we have a solution that can help solve your problem.  Our system is based on our existing traffic control solutions that are used, for example, to control vehicles in private car parks.

The system operates as a demand controlled system.

Demand Controlled Pedestrian Lights
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Accessories for Social Distancing Lights & Systems

Extension cables social distancing light

As part of your installation you may need to extend the cables between the power supply, contact free switches or the traffic light units.  YOu will find these items in the table below, if you cannot find what you require please call us for assistance on 01495 360022.

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