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LED Traffic Lights | Vehicle Sensing | Vehicle Access Control
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Vehicle Detection & Control

Vehicle Detection Loops, Microwave & Ultrasound Sensors & LED Traffic Lights
LED Traffic Lights & Sensors Solutions

If you need to detect vehicles and control their movement around your factory or car park, we have a range of solutions that can help you with this requirement.  Within our range we have conventional inductive loop detectors, microwave motion sensors and simple photoelectric sensors, which can be coupled to an LED traffic light to control vehicle movement or trigger gates, doors or barriers.


LED Traffic Lights

LED Traffic Lights

Our LED traffic light solutions use ultra-bright LEDs mounted in 100 mm and 150 mm circular arrays which provide excellent visibility in daylight and sunny conditions.  They are totally encapsulated in epoxy resin providing excellent environmental protection against water and dust ingress.

LED Traffic Control Lights
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Circular LED Traffic Lights

A convential styled LED traffic light suitable for access control in buildings, factories, shops and car parks.  These lights are sealed to IP65, are provided with a fitted mounting bracket, cable gland and simple wiring for ease of installation. 

Traffic Control LED Lights
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Social Distancing Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Solutions for Stairs

As business and public services prepare to come out of lockdown, we are all aware that in 2020 we will have to approach many every day activies with a difference.  Social distancing is with us and certainly for the immediate future it is here to stay, so we need to look at solutions that will make life a little easier and practical for all of us.  Manufactured from our regular range of red - green, stop - go traffic light solutions, we have put together a number of ready to use solutions for controlling access to shops, through corridors and stairs.

Stop - Go Traffic Lights
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ProAccess Vehicle Detector

ProAccess Vehicle detection sensor for barriers and gates

ProAccess is a high-performance sensor for vehicle detection combining microwave and ultrasonic technology. ProAccess can quickly activate barriers, parking ticket machines, gates or bollards when a vehicle is approaching. As a combined sensor it can also prevent vehicles from being damaged by the moving part of the gate or barrier.

Installer-friendly, resistant, versatile. Thanks to

Above Surface Vehicle Detector
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Microwave Motion Detectors

The Bircher Herkules 2 and 2E microwave motion detectors are suitable for industrial doors with rapid reaction times, they are ideal for high-speed doors, traffic light control and automated access to car parks.  The unit is suitable for mounting heights from 2.5m to 7m and operating temperatures from –30°C to +60°C.


The 2E also features additional options such as pedestrian access and "Exit Pulse" function for more rapid closing.

Vehicle & Pedestrian Detector
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Motion and Presence Detector

The Bircher Helios 2T microwave motion and active infrared (AIR) presence detector is a versatile solution for detecting pedestrians and vehicles. The Helios 2T is controlled by a smartphone app making it incredibly easy to programme, it can also be mounted between 2m to 6m from the ground giving installers a wide range of installation points.

Motion and AIR Presence Detector
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Vehicle Loop Detectors

Using the properties of inductance in electrical cables, the ProLoop loop detectors are a very reliable method of detecting vehicles in access control situations.

Inductive Loop Detectors
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Get Photo-Electric Sensors

RP25 Reflective photo-electric switch with polarizing filter, changeover relay output & 0.5 to 15m range.

Photoelectric Sensing
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CarSense303 Vehicle Sensor

The CarSense vehicle detectors from EMX allow for the detection of vehicles to open gates and barriers. With easy installation below or above ground, these units are the perfect alternative to traditional inductive loop detectors. The unique Detect-On-Stop feature also allows for the operation of doors and gates only when a vehicle has come to complete stop in the detection area, making this a perfect option for applications where there are many vehicles moving about such as busy loading areas.

Magnetoresistive Vehicle Sensors
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Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor

Drive Through Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

The USVD-4X Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to detect the presence of a vehicle and/or pedestrian. It is an alternative to using a photoelectric sensor, where you need to detect the presence in one plane rather than breaking a beam.

Ultrasonic Detector
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