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Ultra Bright LED Traffic Lights

Ideal for Car Park, Building and Access Control Projects
LED Traffic Lights
Product Info

Our LED traffic light solutions use ultra-bright LEDs mounted in 100 mm and 150 mm circular arrays which provide excellent visibility in daylight and sunny conditions.  They are totally encapsulated in epoxy resin providing excellent environmental protection against water and dust ingress.

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The standard LED traffic lights are operated from a 24 Volt dc supply; we also offer a 12 Volt dc version which also has the same excellent performance.  The lights can be controlled from a simple power supply and switch arrangement or for more sophisticated solutions they can be combined with the traffic control board.  This in turn can be linked to a microwave motion sensor or inductive loop detector to allow it to respond to presence of vehicles.  The lights are designed for fixing to a flat surface or they can be used with the optional post mounting kit.

The key features of the lights are as follows:

  • Proven high reliability ultra-bright LEDs.
  • Energy saving – Less than 7% of a 60W lamp bulb.
  • All front screw fixing - No awkward bolts brackets or rivets.
  • Shallow profile - Less damage risk compared to bulkier units.
  • Fully potted waterproof assembly that can endure short term immersion.
  • 4M cable tails for fast installation on site.
  • Unregulated 24Vdc (±2.5V) as standard, 12Vdc & other voltages available to order.

Power Consumption

  • TRG100B = Red 2.4W, Green 2.0W
  • TRG150B = Red 4.5W, Green 3.9W


  • TRG100B – Height 268mm, Width 140mm, Depth 50mm
  • TRG150B – Height 368mm, Width 190mm, Depth 50mm
  • SCB-1_R24VDC_SC – Height 164mm, Width 95mm, Depth 30mm


  • Detachable rear panel for flat surface fixing.
  • Optional post mounting kit.

*EC European Community Registered Design 000321161-0001


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A convential styled LED traffic light suitable for access control in buildings, factories, shops and car parks.  These lights are sealed to IP65, are provided with a fitted mounting bracket, cable gland and simple wiring for ease of installation. 


Microwave Motion Detectors

The Bircher Herkules 2 and 2E microwave motion detectors are suitable for industrial doors with rapid reaction times, they are ideal for high-speed doors, traffic light control and automated access to car parks.  The unit is suitable for mounting heights from 2.5m to 7m and operating temperatures from –30°C to +60°C.


The 2E also features additional options such as pedestrian access and "Exit Pulse" function for more rapid closing.


CarSense303 Vehicle Sensor

The CarSense vehicle detectors from EMX allow for the detection of vehicles to open gates and barriers. With easy installation below or above ground, these units are the perfect alternative to traditional inductive loop detectors. The unique Detect-On-Stop feature also allows for the operation of doors and gates only when a vehicle has come to complete stop in the detection area, making this a perfect option for applications where there are many vehicles moving about such as busy loading areas.

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