Red & Green LED Traffic Light 100mm Array

Flat style traffic light with 100 mm diameter Red & Green LED signal lights, supplied with 4 metre round cable and operating at 12Vdc.

Stock Code: TRG100B-U12VDC-4MF

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LED Traffic Light 100mm Array Red/Green 24Vdc 4m Round Cable

This LED traffic light unit is idea for private car parks & roads, warehouse and factory access and other applications where access to an arear needs to be controlled.


  • The LED’s are mounted through holes in the front of the black ABS moulding and completely encapsulated in black epoxy resin and are therefore fully immersible.
  • Standard viewing angle of 40º with an option for a narrower beam of 10º.
  • The LEDs have integrated resistive ballasts in series to limit the loading at 12Vdc
  • The light is designed to operate at 12 Vdc ±3.0V, voltages outside of this limits could result in product failure.
  • This unit uses 24 LEDs for each array with a recommended viewing distance of greater than 5 metres.
  • Note: These LED signal traffic lights are very bright and should not be directly viewed.

Many options for Array shapes and intensity choice are available, call us for further assistance.

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