CARDET-301 Noncontact Vehicle Detector

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Magnetic noncontact vehicle detector with digital proximity sensing, 12-24Vdc, ideal for areas where inductive loops are not suitable.

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The CARDET-301 uses a feedback stabilised magnetic sensor combined with a digital integral ultrasonic proximity sensor that is connected via a 5 metre (nominal) cable to the relay control unit. Powered by 12 or 24 Vdc, it is suitable for use with automatic gates, car park barriers, drive-thro kiosks, traffic lights and number plate recognition systems.

Developed by MAGO Technologies and distributed in the UK by Motion29, this is the first in a range of products used for detection and control of traffic management systems.

  • Innovative Feedback Stabilizing (FS) digital magnetic sensor.
  • Digital integral proximity sensor for sable vehicle detection.
  • Self recognising function for environmental changes.
  • Super fast magnetic calibration (under 0.5 sec).

CARDET-301 is a unidirectional sensor, detecting only the vehicle in front of the sensor. It has a detection distance of up to 1.8 meters for a full sized car with a detection angle of ± 30 degrees. CARDET-301 has the capability of making precise trigger signals for the connected device, so it is suitable for controlling a toll bar, counting vehicles, LPR system, etc.

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