RP25 Reflective Photo-Electric Sensor

RP25 reflective photo-electric sensor, supplied complete with reflector and mounting brackets, 10-40Vdc or 24Vac operation, IP65.

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RP 25 reflective photo-electric switch has been specially developed for door and gate installations and offers the optimum solution for this application.

The RP25 can safely detect any reflective object within the range 0.5 to 15m, depending on the type of reflector. It is insensitive against ambient light, offers a high degree of environmental protection to IP65 and has large wiring compartment with screw terminals for ease of wiring.

The RP25 has an adjustable optical polarizing filter and is easy to adjust with it’s alignment and contamination indicator. The polarisation filter allows the sensor to detect "shiny" objects between the photo-electric switch and reflector. With its large range and good resistance to contamination from dirt, rain, snow and fog. It is also immune to external light sources such as external light sources or sunlight.

The unit is protected against power supply polarity reversal and has a wide operating voltage range of 10 to 40VDC or 24VAC ±25%. The sensor has a volt-free change over relay output with multiple cable installation options.

If the photo-electric switch gradually becomes soiled, the red LED starts to flash before the photo-electric switch becomes ineffective. It also flashes red when the photo-electric switch is not optimally aligned to the reflector. Alignment OK = LED lights up green.

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