Pre-Assembled Loops

Our Pre-assembled Loops are designed for easy installation of an inductive traffic sensing system.

The loops are available in 3 standard sizes with a 15 m connection cable. They provide a simple to install loop system to save you the time and inconvenience of winding the loop on-site.

The loop is typically installed in a rectangular shape where the depth in the direction of travel is around 1 metre and the sides of the loop are positioned between 0.35 and 0.5m from the edge of the roadway. Using these two dimensions you can determine the approximate loop circumference.

When the slot in the roadway is prepared, it should be around 50mm deep and free from any debris that could damage the cable. The corners should be chamfered by 45º to ensure the cable has a smooth path and not forced into a 90º bend. The slot should then be filled with a sealing compound to weatherproof the loop ensuring that the loop is protected from hot materials such as bitumen. Epoxy resins are ideal as they hold the loop firmly without any significant heat generated during installation.

Custom loops can be produced on request.

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