EsMatix 3 Safety Switching Unit 24Vac/dc

EsMatix 3 - Two Channel Safety Switching Unit to PL e, Cat. 3 with programmable reset, 24V ac/dc operation

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The EsMatix 3 is Bircher's safety switching unit for monitoring the 8k2 resistor used in safety edges and pressure sensitive safety mats. With a response time of less than 5 milli-seconds, the EsMatix 3 is ideal for industrial automation applications where a fast response and higher switching current is required of the electronic safety relays.

EsMatix 3 is approved tp PLe, Cat3 according to EN ISO 13849-1 and designed for reliable evaluation of tactile sensors (8.2 kOhm). It monitors and evaluates the sensors that are connected to it, as well as detecting activations and interruptions with an exceptionally short response time. When one or more sensors are actuated or a fault condition occurs both safety output relays open.

The intuitive operating and display concept makes EsMatix 3 extremely user-friendly with features such as programmable reset function covering automatic, internal manual and external manual reset options. The solid state relays are capable of switching 24Vdc at a maximum of 250 mA with a response time of less than 5 ms.

The EsMatix 3 switching unit can be used to monitor safety mats or safety edges, as it uses solid state relays rather than electro-mechanical versions, it does not suffer the wear and tear that traditional relays can suffer from extended use. It is also resistant to machine vibration allowing more options in terms of where it is installed.

The integrated display allows the unit to be programmed for a range of applications and requirements.

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