Patlite MP Signal Light Tower, 2-LED, 24Vdc

MP 30mm Tall Silver Signal Light Tower, Red and Green LED, 24Vdc Operation, Round Base with Lock Nut for 22mm Dia Hole, IP65 Rated

Stock Code: MP-202-RG

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  • A super slim and tall 30 mm diameter signal light tower with aluminium body, ideal for small devices
  • This light tower is supplied with Red and Green LED modules with coloured lenses
  • The Base module and upper cover are manufactured from silver ABS
  • The light has an external 22mm dia thread for direct mounting onto a flat surface, complete with colour coded wires
  • Operating voltage 24 V dc
  • Environmental protection, water proof to IP65 when the light is mounted in an mounted upright position

LED Colour Codes: R - Red, Y - Amber, G - Green, B - Blue, C - White

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