LR5 Silver Buzzer & Flasher Module

50 mm diameter, IP65 sounder unit with 360º sound output typically at 85 dB. This unit provides the flashing light function for the LR5 signal light towers.

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The LR5-BU buzzer unit sits at the top of any of the LR5 signal light towers from Patlite. The sound output pressure is typically 85 dB at 1 metre and covers a full 360º around the signal light unit. Sealed waterproof to IP65, the sound patterns have been specifically developed to ensure the alarm output is heard over the background noise of industry.

The buzzer sound options are controlled by internal DIP switches as listed below:

  • No 1 - Rapid Intermittent Beep.
  • No 2 - Continuous Beep.
  • No 3 - Rapid Hi-Low.
  • No 4 - Sweep Sound.

In addition to providing the alarm sound, the buzzer unit provides the signal light towers with the flashing light option at 60 flashes per minute.

  • Sealed dust and waterproof to IP65.
  • Choice of four sound patterns.
  • Easy to upgrade existing signal light towers.
  • Four different sound patterns via DIP switch.

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