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ATEX LED Lighting
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ATEX LED Lighting

ATEX LED Lighting for Industrial Machines

In addition to their standard range of LED lights, PATLITE also offer ATEX compatible versions for use in Zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas. These light bars offer the same fantastic quality LED lighting solution as the standard lights but with the added ATEX protection.

The ATEX LED lighting solutions from PATLITE are suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications. The lights have been designed to meet the different requirements of various industries, such as industrial machinery or food and pharmaceutical applications.


ATEX versions of the PATLITE CLK series. The CLK-EX lights have IP ratings of IP66G, IP67G and IP69K and a tempered glass lens providing fantastic oil, water and chemical resistance making it ideal for machine lighting in ATEX Zone 2 and Zone 22 areas.

ATEX Machine LED Lights
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ATEX versions of the PATLITE CLA series. These lights have an operating temperature of -40°C to +60°C IP rating of IP69K allowing for high-temperature washdown and are made from a polycarbonate resin to remove the risk of contamination from glass shards that lenses are usually made from.

ATEX Lighting for Food and Pharma
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CLN-EX Pan and Tilt ATEX Lighting

ATEX version of the PATLITE CLN series. The CLN-EX lights have a stainless steel bracket that allows for the light to be angled combined with the compact design allows the light to adapt to various applications.

Pan and Tilt ATEX LED Lighting
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