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Industrial Spot Light | Swivel Head Spot | Flex or Articulating Arm
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CENALED a Focussed and Versatile Spot Light

Available with Swivel Head, Flex Arm or Articulating Arm Solutions
Product Info

The CENALED SPOT is a modular lighting solution with the choice of a direct fitting swivel head, a flexible arm solution and an articulated arm version making this an ideal choice of light for many applications.  Thanks to its high degree of sealing – IP67 (24 Vdc) or IP65 (100-230 Vac) – the light is suitable for use in harsh manufacturing environments, such as machine tools and workbench illumination.

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Swivel Head Version

This light can be fixed directly to the work area using the screw on base or via accessories such as the magnetic clamp, table clamp or wall mount bracket for additional flexibility.

Flex Arm Version

The flexible LED luminaire uses a coated, oil-resistant flexible arm and safety glass in front of the LED chips.  It cuts a fine figure even in rough manufacturing plant conditions. Equipped with a screw-on base and optional magnetic plate, the CENALED SPOT can also be used quickly wherever light is needed.

Articulated Arm Version

The CENALED SPOT is mounted on a flexible articulated arm that is ideal for manual workstations as well as for machine tool applications. The generously dimensioned aluminium articulated arm of the otherwise graceful looking lamp guarantees a wide projection to bring light wherever it is needed. It is one of the few arm-mounted lights that, thanks to its high degree of protection, can also be used in harsh manufacturing conditions.

The Technology

  • High-performance LED chips for 5 000K neutral white.
  • ON / OFF and dimmable using buttons on the lamp head.
  • It is supplied in a 24 Vdc variant with M12 connector or 100-230 Vac mains power version, both versions are supplied with a 3 m lead.

Your Benefits

  • Compact luminaires for bright illumination in neutral white and with a high level of detailed sharpness.
  • Can be precisely aligned using the gooseneck or articulated arm.
  • 30° beam angle for focused illumination.

Areas of Application

Workplaces at machines and equipment without their own lighting, such as drilling machines, cutting machines or injection moulding machines, if local or direct lighting is required.

Flexible Solution 

The CENALED SPOT is part of the CENALED modular system. The basic module of every light is the screw-on base for a 24 Vdc or 100-230 Vac connection. The modular structure is supplemented with an articulated arm, flexible arm or a directly mounted swivel head. The lamp head has an on/off switch and brightness control (dimming). The screw-on base allows several optional fastening options, for example using a magnetic clamp or a table clamp.

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