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40mm Diameter LED Light | IP54 for General Environments | Machine lights for industrial machines
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TUBELED 40 Element Surface Mounted LED Luminaire

Tubular 24Vdc LED machine light in 7 different lengths
TUBELED 40 Element - High Quality Machine Light
Product Info

The TUBELED 40 Element is designed for applications where the high level of protection is not such a big factor, typically dry applications and process lines where coolants and lubricants are not present.

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This slim industrial luminaire with protection to IP54, provides sufficient levels of protection to be able to illuminate the work area of machines use in woodworking, plastic injection moulding, assembly and packaging lines where space is a premium.

The TUBELED 40 Element provides intense and flicker free lighting without UV and IR components, with a generous light emitting area and broad 100º beam.  This luminaire is ideal for high ambient temperatures up to +70ºC with protection against water spray.  These luminaires have integrated M12 A-Code connections – two connectors for optional cascadable versions – which are ideal for simple and easy integration.  The TUBELED 40 Element are also available as 230Vac versions with M12 S-Code connection.

The Technology

  • Slim luminaire body made of extruded aluminium profile with black plastic end caps and sealed PMMA cover

Your Benefits

  • Flicker-free and performance-optimized surface light, without UV and IR components.
  • Daylight white
  • Can be linked electrically (cascadable)

Areas of Application

  • Metal or woodworking as well as plastics processing
  • Equipment for assembly and packaging


  • Available in 7 lengths
  • Variants for electrical interlinking (cascadable)
  • Connection variants:
    • 24 Vdc (1 x M12-A)
    • 24 Vdc cascadable (2 x M12-A)
    • 220-240 Vac (1 x M12-S)
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