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Helios Detector
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Motion and Presence Detector

Helios 2T Microwave Motion and AIR Presence detector
Product Info

The Bircher Helios 2T microwave motion and active infrared (AIR) presence detector is a versatile solution for detecting pedestrians and vehicles. The Helios 2T is controlled by a smartphone app making it incredibly easy to programme, it can also be mounted between 2m to 6m from the ground giving installers a wide range of installation points.

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The Helios 2T can detect the presence of both vehicles and pedestrians and allows for different modes of operation, opening doors part-way to allow pedestrian access, or fully opening for vehicular access. Three features of the Helios 2T allow for this: cross traffic masking and direction recognition prevent mis-tripping from vehicles and pedestrians entering the detection field, and the Helios 2T object recognition helps to guide people to side-doors if they do not need to use a larger door. This has the added benefit of increasing energy efficiency due to the door being open for less time which can aid companies with eco-targets.

The Helios 2T also features an AUX output which can be connected to a warning device. This can be used to warn people on the other side of the door of approaching traffic, helping to avoid traffic jams or worse collisions before the door has even begun to open.

Product Features

  • Easy to use and adapt to the application using a simple smartphone app
  • Multiple AIR detection zones that can be turned on/off to adapt the unit to the type of traffic present
  • Installation up to a height of 6m
  • Differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles
  • Cut down on energy costs with reduced door open times
  • AUX output allows for the unit to be connected to a warning device inside a building to warn of approaching vehicles
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