Herkules 2E Microwave Motion Sensor

Herkules 2E microwave motion detector for pedestrians & vehicles, complete with 7 metre cable, 24 Vdc operation

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Herkules 2E microwave motion detector has been specially developed for use on industrial doors such as sectional doors, roller gates, high-speed doors, sliding gates and folding doors. It is also suitable for triggering traffic lights in car parks. It detects and distinguishes between people or vehicles and prevents unnecessary opening.

Use on vertical doors it guarantees an optimal flow of traffic by reliably and intelligently activating the gate control system by means of direction recognition.

Herkules 2E is a logical further refinement of BBC Bircher Smart Access's tried-and-tested microwave motion detectors. With a detection height of up to seven metres, it is suitable for practically every gate. Its individually adjustable detection area provides for an enormously wide range of applications.

In addition to intelligent control, the motion detector optimizes activation during cross traffic, which prevents unintentional opening and lowers energy consumption, it can also be mounted at a height of between 2 and 7 metres. Please note: For the Herkules 2E to differentiate between vehicles and pedestrians, it must be mounted at a minimum of 3 metres.

Herkules 2E is easier and faster to install. It features two outputs that can be programmed completely independently of one another, thus offering maximum flexibility for every application. Furthermore, it also features the exit pulse function, which makes it even more versatile.

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