Direct Burial LRS Probe 15m Cable

Magnetoresistive probes designed for direct burial into the surface, 15m cable, 12 to 24Vdc operation.

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The LRS sensors have the ability to detect in 3 dimensions (X, Y & Z axis). In most applications all three axis are used, but in some instances such as close proximity to a moving gate, one or more of the axis can be switched off.

The sensor can be buried in the road surface with minimal saw cuts compared to conventional inductive loop installations. As the sensor is an electronic device, it should only be sealed into the road using a suitable epoxy resin.

The direct burial version is also ideally suited for above surface installation. Care should be taken to ensure the sensor is placed at a height to maximise the sensitivity of the sensor. This is ideally at door height and closer than the maximum operating distance of 1.5 metres (5 foot).

This units is supplied with a 15m cable for installation.

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