ExpertLine 99 x 36 mm Safety Edge Kit

ExpertLine safety edge kit, comprising 99 x 36 mm profile in 3 lengths (1500, 2000, 2500 mm), 1 x 8k2 resistor and 1 x 5 metre double ended connector cable. Supplied ready to assemble for any new or existing projects.

Stock Code: XL-CP99A36/SP/1500/8D5

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Additional Items:
x M29-0102 Rubber Profile Cutters 75mm Cut Length [212876] - M29.0102
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From the Bircher ExpertLine range of safety edges, the 99 x 36 mm profile is an complementary product to the CoverLine 105 x 40 mm safety edge. It has the advantage of a wider operating area, is more sensitive with a greater overtravel figure of 69 mm. This profile is ideal for a range of applications including automatic gates, automatic doors, lifting platforms and AGVs.

What's included in the safety edge kit from Motion29?

We supply the profile and aluminium cut to the correct length for a 1500 mm safety edge – please note this is 24 mm shorter than the finished length to accommodate the end connector and end cover.

You will receive a pair of contact end connectors, a pair of end caps, an 8k2 resistor and a 5 metre double ended cable.

To shorten the safety edge, we recommend the use of rubber profile cutters.

If you require a different size of safety edge, visit our Made to Measure Bircher ExpertLine Safety Edges page where you can specify the exact length of safety edge require and add the connectivity required for your project.

  • Safety Edge Size 99 x 36 x 1500 mm
  • EPDM and aluminium profiles cut to length for 1.50 m safety edge
  • Activation Force < 40 N
  • Pre-Travel Distance < 3.0 mm
  • Overtravel at 400 N of > 69.0 mm
  • Supplied with 8k2 resistor and 5 m double ended cable

Normally ships in 1 to 2 days

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