Made to Measure ExpertLine Safety Edges


Using our made to measure tool, please select the ExpertLine profile required (noting overtravel figure shown below), then the mounting profile followed by the resistor and cables. Finally, enter the required length in mm, click calculate and then add to your basket.

Important: Please ensure that the safety edge is suitable for your application and the overtravel figure meet the demands of your application..

While the ExpertLine series is a modular solution, we understand that our customers require safety edges that are assembled ready for use. Please select the size of profile required, the mounting aluminium as required - standard or angled - and then add the connection accessories to complete your requirement.

ExpertLine Product Features:

  • High sensitivity and a fast response time

  • Optional angled mounting aluminium for larger size profiles.

  • 49 & 74 mm rubber profiles available with 30 or 36 mm mounting aluminium

  • Rubber profile covers aluminium rail so the edge can blend in more seamlessly with the gate

  • New design allows for smaller profiles without reducing safety




Bircher Safety Edge CP42A29
CP42A29 Profile 42 x 29mm
Bircher Safety Edge CP49A30
CP49A30 Profile 49 x 30mm
Bircher XL Safety Edge CP49A36
CP49A36 Profile 49 x 36mm
Bircher XL Safety Edge CP74A30
CP74A30 Profile 74 x 30mm
Bircher XL Safety Edge CP74A36
CP74A36 Profile 74 x 36 mm
Bircher XL Safety Edge CP99A36
CP99A36 Profile 99 x 36mm
XL-AP24 Mounting Aluminium for CP42x29 Profile
Standard 24mm
XL-AP30 Mounting Aluminium for CP49x30 Profile
Standard 30mm
XL-AP30 Mounting Aluminium for CP74x30 Profile
Standard 30mm
XL-AP36 Mounting Aluminium for CP49x36 Profile
Standard 36mm
XL-AP36 Mounting Aluminium for CP74x36 Profile
Standard 36mm
XL-AP36 Mounting Aluminium for CP99x36 Profile
Standard 36mm
XL-AP3020 Black Angled Mounting 49x30 Profile
Angled 30mm
XL-AP3020 Black Angled Mounting for CP74x30 Profile
Angled 30mm
XL-AP3620 Black Angled Mounting 49x36 Profile
Angled 36mm
XL-AP3620 Black Angled Mounting 74x36 Profile
Angled 36mm
XL-AP3620 Black Angled Mounting 99x36 Profile
Angled 36mm
ExpertSystem XL Safety Edge 42 x 29 x mm, Exc 8k2/Cables Standard Mouning
Will be dispatched assembled with end connectors fitted. Remember to add any cables and resistors you require for your project.

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