Direct Mount USB Signal Light

NE Series, 56 mm diameter USB powered and controlled signal beacon light, sealed to IP65 when vertically mounted. The USB type C cable is attached from below the light allowing for simple & quick installation.

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This is a multi-colour signal beacon light where 7 colours are controlled by the host system to display the required colour for your application. The light is powered via the USB bus and is controlled via the same cable when connected to a PC, Industrial PC or PLC.

The light is easy to program using the DLL software library and it also can be controlled by various protocols, so operating systems other than Windows can be used. Control is possible without installing dedicated drivers because as it is an HID class device.

The direct mount version can be mounted in any direction, (IP65 only when vertically mounted), is Ideal for industrial, laboratory, office and retail applications. It provides gentle yet noticeable notification with the soft light from the translucent lens and alarms that are easy on the ear.

An integrated neodymium magnet allows easy installation on metallic desks and walls, while the 1/4 inch screw receptacle supports a wide range of mounting methods such as cameral style tripods.

  • Direct mounting.
  • Single USB cable for power & control.
  • Multi-colour - Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, Purple, White.
  • Alarm sound pressure of 85 dB

Pole mount and wall mount options are available using the NE-001D for pole-mounting and NE-002D for wall-mounting.

A USB cable, type A male to type C male is required to connect this product. This can be supplied separately.

Programming knowledge required to control unit from PC via USB port.

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