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Sealed Safety Edges to IP67 | Highly Sensitive Edge Profiles | Manufactured to Required Size
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Factory Manufactured Bircher ExpertLine Safety Edges

Pre-Assembled and Tested Safety Edges for Minimum Fuss
Made to Measure Safety Edges from Motion29
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Althought the new ExpertLine range of safety edges from Bircher Reglomat have been designed as a modular solution for maximum on-site flexibility, we recognise as a manufuacturer of Bircher safety edges since 2006, the benefit of having all the safety edges required for your installation manufactured to the correct size and ready for installation.

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QTY Price ex VAT
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Our manufactured to size ExpertLine safety edges are cut to the correct length for the desired finished size, fitted with the contact end caps that seal and electrically connect the profile and supplied with the end caps.  To complete the safety edges, you just need to order the 8k2 terminating resistors and cables required for your installation.

On our website we offer fixed lengths, but we manufacture all our safety edges to order and therefore to the size desired.  If the length you require is not available, please give us a call and we will provide you with a quotation for your exact requirements.

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