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Audible Production Sounders | Production Call Systems
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Audible Sounders for Production Environments

Options using MP3 Files for Custom Alarm Sounds

Patlite offer a wide choice of sounder options from simple tone alarm units to more sophisticated MP3 voice units where you can record your own sound or message.

We can offer alarm sounders with LED indication via a signal tower light or signal beacon.  These provide an audible call solution with the backup of a visual alarm signal.

BSV Industrial Sounder

Unbelievably thin design at 19.9mm thick, the BSV is space saving design that’s an easy to install and maintain, sounder with pre-recorded tones that can be changed to your own requirements.

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100 mm LKEH MP3 Alarms

Get the attention you need with PATLITE’s Field Programmable LKEH series signal tower with audible alarm hybrid unit.

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100mm - RFV with MP3

The RFV series is a combination LED rotating beacon with 4 channels, MP3 programmable, sound unit.

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